Love Is

Love is remembering the way your name looks on his lips.
Love is wearing blue on a day he’s wearing gray,
Love is every ice cream sandwich,
Love is every broken bandage,
Love is how he looks when he walks away.

Love is the way he asks you if you’re hungry,
Love is your heartbeat when you see his face,
Love is that borrowed sweater,
Love is every unsent letter,
Love is that he makes you smile in so many different ways.

Love is tying up your hair, just cause he doesn’t like it,
Love is finding him in everything you see,
Love is stolen glances,
Love is sloppy dances,
Love is every time I turns into we.

Love is finding a dozen roses on your porch,
Love is losing every shallow breath you took,
Love is how the world changes color,
Love is how the sky fills with thunder,
Love is how he can destroy you with just a single look.

Love is hearing him whisper in his sleep,
Love is pretending he’s beautiful when he’s not,
Love is every bitter fight,
Love is every freezing night,
Love is returning everything that love bought.

Love is the way he kisses you goodbye,
Love is believing him, even though you know,
Love is to let the sun set,
Love is to forgive and forget,
Love is finally letting him go.


When I was 5 years old,
They asked me what I wanted to be.
That’s easy, I said,
I want to travel the world.

I want to tattoo the word love in 56 different languages,
I want to taste spices that haven’t been discovered.
I want to see oceans and lands change colour.
I want to get a Brazilian tan and taste river bays,
I want to know the meaning of eat, love and pray.
I want the entire world at my feet.

When I was 16, they asked me again,
Nothing has changed, I said bravely,
Wild winds and desert sand won’t tame me.

I want to feel the rain on the tip of my tongue,
I want to smell roses and beetle dung;
I want to find which city is the closest to the moon,
I want to see the rare Norway sun and watch the Babylon gardens bloom.
I want my accent to be diffused with culture,
And exotic languages to slip into my vocabulary,
I want to wear jewellery made of pearls from the Pacific and stones from the Maldives.

When I was 25, all my dreams came true,
Every single dream, I found in you.
I always envisioned travelling alone,
But the world followed you and you were my home.

Together, we imagined foreign lands,
And I found the universe in the palm of your hands.
You taught me love in more than 56 languages,
And I tasted exotic spices in street side sandwiches.
My feet never took off from the ground,
But somehow, I felt like I was flying wherever you were around.

Alas, I’m finally 30 years old,
I have stories to tell, and lessons to preach,
I write about islands under a desk lamp,
But my passport doesn’t have a single stamp.

My dreams have turned to dust,
You left, my darling, and with you, you took my wanderlust.

An Ode To My Pain

Darling, everything you said to me,
Every single word,
Stayed with me, changed me,
Like the butterfly effect of a hummingbird.

It etched into my skin, engraving in my bones,
Creeping into every lonely corner of my home.

Every time your lips moved, every single threat,
Almost hurt more than the knife under your bed.

The dents on the walls, and all the broken windows,
Darling, I don’t know how you do it,
Cause not a soul knows.

The bruises and scars I’ve covered up,
I’ve helplessly lost score;
And every time you say my name,
I hate it a little more.

In the midst of the senseless agony,
I still find my silver lining;
That with every poison sip you take,
You’re that much closer to dying.

Beach Blues

Friday afternoon,
Pen in my hand,
Listening to the beach blues,
Feet in the sand.

The music in my ears,
Seem to tame the sea,
And the words that I write,
They’re the way you look at me.

The shells on the shore,
They’re every colour of your eyes;
The clouds must have heard my thoughts,
Cause there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Laughter filled the air,
I saw a mother and daughter;
And tears fell down my cheeks,
As I threw my poem into the water.

My brain is moving on but my heart is trying to grieve,
And everyday I ask myself why she had to leave.